Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers
President and CEO
MailAddiction Inc.
kirk (at) mailaddiction.com
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Kirk Rogers
President and CEO, MailAddiction Inc.

Email Marketing Service

MailAddiction is a do-it-yourself online email marketing service which has matured from its original form first created in 1998 to furnish Internet based marketing solutions. MailAddiction serves all business types and sizes, from Real Estate, to Internet and Insurance industries as well as expanding to include Financing, Marketing, Sales Force Automation, Non-Profit and other businesses.

The extensive experience in such a wide variety of industries has allowed us to bring together a more comprehensive knowledge-base to fulfill the needs of companies, both large and small, anytime and anywhere. From Marketing, Sales and Telecommunications to Technology and Business Management services, we can help you realize the vast potential of your business.

Kirk Rogers has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, providing quality IT solutions for companies such as TRW, NebulaSoft (CitySearch), Rotor, FairIsaac, Bridium, and Lawstar. Kirk holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from CSU Long Beach.

As senior engineer at TRW and member of the technical staff for over 10 years, Kirk solely designed TRW's remote access system supporting an enterprise wide community. As senior IT manager to the development team at Rotor, Kirk provided a self contained management system to maintain Rotor's comprehensive multi-node application. Kirk also played an integral role in developing a complex registration process for NebulaSoft (CitySearch), developed and managed FairIsaac's EDI Insurance service model, as well as provided engineering and management services for Bridium and Lawstar.

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