Effective Email Campaign
MailAddiction's web-based email marketing solution provides features that are simple and powerful. Our easy to use campaign design tools are effective and deliver immediate results.  Along with our list manager, tracking and reporting, and live performance monitor, MailAddiction makes it easy to manage your customers.
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Email Marketing Tools and Features

MailAddiction's web based, email marketing solution provides features that are simple and powerful. We deliver a variety of easy-to-use tools that help create, schedule, and monitor effective email campaigns of any size. Email list management is more accessible than ever before, because of our automated email creation process. Plus, scheduling campaigns is almost effortless, with a convenient drop down select box. Since the entire process is automated, you can take a trip to the beach with your family and still be making money! Below are some of the amazing features which make MailAddiction the best email marketing service available:
Create Effective Email Campaigns
Creating effective email campaigns has never been easier, below are some of the many benefits that come with our service.
 » Create wildly successful campaigns from professional, proven HTML templates.
 » Duplicate campaigns with only a single click.
 » Our simple one step form assembles campaigns in seconds.
 » Create customer surveys, newsletters and other event emails.
 » Upload images, type your text, manipulate how your text displays, add links or add a social media share bar.
 » View in full screen mode for added convenience.
 » Edit and view the source code directly just as a veteran HTML designer.
 » Fully loaded HTML GUI editor.
Schedule Campaigns
Our campaign scheduling features allow you to be in charge of where your emails go and when.
 » Send campaigns to your target audience immediately. Or, set campaigns to send at a later date.
 » Schedule email campaigns to launch on any interval or time of day.
 » Choose to have your campaigns sent daily, any specific day of the week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
 » Create a recurring schedule so you’ll never miss a mailing again.
 » You get to determine who gets which emails and when they get them.
 » Create a system where people who purchase a particular product or service receive a series of emails leading them to further purchases.
Performance Monitoring
Our performance monitoring allows you to properly and effectively monitor and analyze all aspects of email campaign tracking.
 » Real time monitoring and statistics for every campaign.
 » Display top domains, how many emails have reached the inbox, and how many have clicked on your ad.
 » Track which links have been followed and how many times the links have been clicked.
 » Track bounced messages and unsubscribes.
 » Our automated tools decide which recipients to keep active and which to suppress, which means less work for you.
Detailed Reporting
MailAddiction provides detailed reporting and statistics for every single email campaign so you know exactly what is happening at all times.
 » Sophisticated reporting agents deliver detailed analysis of every campaign.
 » Show successful deliveries, times, bounces, undeliverable's.
Email List Management
Our intelligent bounce processor and unsubscribe process makes email list management a breeze.
 » Add to existing lists, combine lists, and remove bad or unwanted addresses.
 » Unsubscribes and bounces are handled automatically so you don’t need to worry about them.
 » Track hard bounces vs. soft bounces.
 » Search addresses and view individual statistics.
 » Wild-card searching to help find domains.