Effective Email Campaign
MailAddiction's web-based email marketing solution provides features that are simple and powerful. Our easy to use campaign design tools are effective and deliver immediate results.  Along with our list manager, tracking and reporting, and live performance monitor, MailAddiction makes it easy to manage your customers.
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Effective Email Campaign Manager

Email Campaign Reporting & Tracking Services

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MailAddiction provides tools to properly and effectively monitor and analyze all aspects of email campaign tracking. Real time monitoring and statistics are provided for each and every campaign, display the top (most active) domains, how many emails have reached the inbox (how many recipients have viewed your email), how many have clicked on your ad, which links have been followed and how many times the links have been clicked. Our automated tools track bounced messages and unsubscribe's, intelligently deciding which recipients to keep active and which to suppress.

email marketing performance

Monitoring an email campaign becomes no more than a simple and quick glance.

Email Campaign Monitoring, Analytics, Statistics & More

With MailAddiction's online services, our clients are equipped with the most efficient Email Marketing tools to actively engage and strategize campaigns.
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