Effective Email Campaign
MailAddiction's web-based email marketing solution provides features that are simple and powerful. Our easy to use campaign design tools are effective and deliver immediate results.  Along with our list manager, tracking and reporting, and live performance monitor, MailAddiction makes it easy to manage your customers.
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Effective Email Campaign Manager

Email List Management

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Managing email lists is as simple as ever. Load your email addresses with a single click, add to existing lists, combine your lists, remove bad or unwanted addresses. Unsubscribe and bounced messages are handled automatically, our intelligent bounce processor and unsubscribe process uses an exhaustive algorithm to decide which addresses is good or which should be removed. Search your lists and look for any email address, use wild-card searching to find domains, track hard bounces vs soft bounces.



Email address and list management is as easy as ever.

Email Mailing List Cleaning & Manager

MailAddiction is an Email Marketing services company. We provide our clients the best Email Campaigns and Email List Management as well as information with our Email Marketing Articles, Email Marketing Blog and more.
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